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Information Flow, Management, and Modelling - AKA BIM, or perhaps Collaborative Information Management and Modelling (CIMM)

Head lines

  • I first became involved in BIM in 2010.
  • I co-wrote the BIM implementation strategy for Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd whilst I was Head of Commercial Management Services for the company.
  • I was Hyder’s startup BIM manager for London Bridge Station Regeneration
  • I have provided advice to a number of SME companies regarding their own involvement with BIM.
  • I was Network Rail's BIM champion for Infrastructure Projects Western
  • I was the Programme BIM Strategist in Network Rail's  Swindon office responsible for setting and implementing the BIM strategy for a programme of works likely to be in excess of £1,000m
  • I attend numerous BIM conferences and seminars and discuss BIM at many levels


A short history

I have been involved in major process and business improvement initiatives and programmes since the 1980s. That is over three decades of exposure, experience, and involvement.

Names and titles have changed over the years, including 'The Blob' and 'Integrated Construction Management'. With the addition of BIM to the process I have decided to create a new name to better describe it, Information Flow, Management, and Modelling. It does not flow so it will never catch on. How about Collaborative Information Management and Modelling (CIMM), that is easier to say.

I have worked for many employers over the decades and have quietly developed my thoughts and frequently shared them. I was also involved, in a small way, with the management matrix of the Crossrail Programme.

I have created an asset codification structure for rail, which is neither Network Rail or London Underground based. It is held in a Microsoft Access Database and provides the core for my own Knowledge Base and Rates database.


I first became involved in BIM in 2010, through the Managing Director of Rapid5D, whilst I was at Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd. I knew him through my work at Crossrail as Head of Estimating Power and Railway Systems whilst I was evaluating estimating software for Crossrail Limited.

Subsequently I introduced VICO to Hyder and oversaw the application of BIM to Hyder’s Tender, firstly for the GRIP 4 design. Then again for the GRIP 5-8 tender, with Costain, for the Design & Construct Contract of the London Bridge Redevelopment Project. A full 5D BIM model, with cost and time, was developed for the Tender. Following award of the contract to Costain in 2011, I was appointed as Hyder’s BIM manager for the London Bridge Station project. I was working on strategic thinking regarding BIM during the start-up phase of the Project. Each of the designers in the Hyder / WSP JV together with Costain, and Network Rail had their own BIM managers. This was un-necessary in a collaborative environment and was rationalised down to two, one for the D&C organisation and one for Network Rail.

 I co-authored a Hyder paper on the development of BIM within Hyder whilst I was Head of Commercial Management Services, and was considered to be the Rail Units BIM champion.

I have continued my involvement with BIM, attending conferences and having discussions with a network of BIM professionals and managers.

Shortly after my arrival at Network Rail Swindon I attended the inaugural CICES BIM conference in London and subsequently suggested that I present BIM to the next Team Brief, a group of about 100, most of whom where strangers. The presentation was well received and led to me organising another two BIM presentations with progressively more detail, and ultimately to my role as Programme BIM Strategist. I had won over the senior management team and now had a patron.  I developed and gave many presentations about BIM, people and change in the course of my role. I also sat down and had one to one conversations with senior staff. One such conversation led to the adoption of BIM for the Great Western Route Modification Programme, even as a post contract change, in some instances.

 I became Network Rail's IP Western BIM champion.

My commission with Network Rail IP Western and Wales as Programme BIM Strategist involved not only writing a strategy for a single infrastructure project and subsequently for a large programme of works, but also writing and discussing high level strategies with the local directorate and central functions.

I have also provided advice to a number of SME companies regarding their own involvement with BIM.

 When requested, I have happily contributed to academic research and dissertations, and contributed to BIM development.

I continue to develop and support BIM.


My BIM Publications

Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors

Go to the portal of Civil Engineering Surveyor, the monthly journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors. Using this portal you can view the current issue of Civil Engineering Surveyor, as well as supplements, and actively view archive editions.

Look for my articles on BIM published in the Journal.

Starting in the November 2012 issue. Part 1   Part 2  Part 3  and associated letter.

BIM: The first teetering steps - March 2014

BIM and big - May 2014

BIM: Engage with the supply chain - July/August 2014

BIM: Driving internal change - September 2014

BIM gets bigger - October 2014


I have also written a BIM and Safety article at the request of the Editor of the APS Digest, the journal of The Association for Project Safety, published in Issue 23, June 2013, pages 12-13. A PDF copy of the Digest is available here.

LinkedIn Posts

I am writing a series of posts on LinkedIn regarding BIM.

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Related resources

Over the years I have created a number of presentations for various clients and employers.

Some are reproduced below, with the original badging, errors and omissions.

It has often been a lonely and isolated crusade, but I still consider it valuable and worthwhile.









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