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A little history

As part of the marketing effort for the Commercial Management Services, I started to develop a Capability Statement and a skills matrix.  Whilst our defined business model was to provide a service to external clients, it was very apparent that our department's abilities were not recognized by many potential internal clients.

I wanted to expand our service offering to include internal clients so as to enable the department to grow and therefore be better placed to cope with the natural fluctuations of external client commissions.

Hyder's draft Capability Statement

The draft Capability Statement I was developing at Hyder, for my department, represented the service offering we, as Commercial Management Services, could offer to clients, such as Network Rail, Transport for London, MOD, RBS, Westminster City Council to name but a few. It was just an early stage draft, prior to handing to the marketing department for them to do their magic.

Also attached is the Rail Capability statement, after it had been processed by Hyder's marketing department.

In addition to the department wide Capability Statement I instigated more focused and individual statements about specific capabilities as short marketing leaflets. The concept was to provide a single A3 sheet folded, to demonstrate a particular ability to match a potential commission requirement. As a department we were not normally involved with internal clients. To expand on this, the department was not generally allowed to be involved in Hyder projects, neither with respect to Hyder cost management and reporting, nor the commercial management regarding valuations, change management, and claims development and defense. I felt there was a definite opportunity to expand and build our department by offering a internal service. Part of the resistance was a lack of appreciation of our capabilities. Below are a few examples in respect of;

Please remember that these are still in draft form, and were not intended to be read together. (too much repetition)

Since leaving Hyder I have developed a skills matrix format which clearly identifies both the skills a person has and the level of proficiency that they have obtained in any particular skill, from novice to expert. Using this level of detail and accuracy I am able to identify the correct person for a commission, instead of the more normal, who is available. (Plus an element of 'Face fits'). The matrix extends beyond just the technical skills, to include other attributes including;

  • IT skills
  • People skills
  • Business management / Leadership skills

This allows a much more tailored fit to a Clients requirements than may normally be encountered.




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