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My 'products', are frequently confidential, commercially sensitive, subject to 'Non Disclosure Agreements' or subject to the 'Official Secrets Act'. Accordingly, none of the reports or outputs so constrained are shown here.

 However, I hope to be able to include links to some excel spreadsheets and other general information as examples of my work, without disclosing any client information.


Commissions, Competencies, Roles, and Resources (CCRR) application

This application features Personal History, Competencies Matrix, Roles and Responsibilities, and Resource Management to help indicate and manage the competencies of a person and department.

Complex Cost Model - London Underground Stations Network

Product Description

Complex Cost Model - London Underground Track Strategy


Procurement - Tender Analysis and risk appraisal


Procurement - PQQ/Tender question structure and marking


Knowledge Base - Information and rates registy


Knowledge Base - Railway asset codification structure


Infomation Flow, Management, and Modelling - Strategy Paper

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